Data Science Workshop at Stockholm University 2014

The Data Science Workshop at Stockholm University takes place on Dec. 4-5, 2014 at the Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, located in Kista – a description of how to get to the department is found here. All plenary sessions will take place in lecture room L70 (floor 2 in the NOD building).

List of participants

Dec. 4 Title Speaker
10:00 Welcome Henrik Boström, SU
10:05 Analyzing structured and unstructured data in electronic health records Jing Zhao,
Aron Henriksson, SU
10:30 Facilitating statistical and visual pattern detection in large databases of electronic health records: Introducing the vigiTrace analytics suite Ola Caster, WHO Uppsala Monitoring Centre
10:45 WEB-RADR: An IMI project for gathering and analysing adverse drug reaction information from smartphones and social media Johan Ellenius, WHO Uppsala Monitoring Centre
11:00 Challenges created by Life Sciences – Beyond the big data problems Jan Komorowski, UU
11:30 Automating bioinformatics analyses on Swedish e-infrastructures Ola Spjuth, UU
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Conformal prediction – a tutorial for machine learning researchers Ulf Johansson, HB
13:30 Conformal prediction in Bioclipse Ernst Ahlberg, AstraZeneca
13:45 Computational Toxicology at Swetox Ulf Norinder, Swetox
14:00 Data Science at University of Skövde Alexander Karlsson, Vicenc Torra, HIS
14:30 Deep Convolutional Networks and solving large scale computer vision problems Josephine Sullivan, KTH
15:00 Break
15:30 Graph embeddings and kernels: versatile tools for  learning with graph structured data Devdatt Dubhashi, CTH
16:00 Interactive learning problems, adaptive experiment design and optimal optimisation Christos Dimitrakakis, CTH
16:15 Some problems in business data science and risk analytics Desheng Dash Wu, SU
16:30 Integrated Vehicle Health Management at Scania AB Jonas Biteus, Scania,
Tony Lindgren, SU
Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR) at Halmstad University Jens Lundström, HH
18:00-21:00 Dinner at restaurant Eatery (in the NOD building)
Dec. 5 Title Speaker
09:00 Is my network reproducible? Sparsity selection and network validation via bootstrap Rebecka Jörnsten, CTH
09:30 Indexing and Mining Large Data Series Panagiotis Papapetrou, SU
09:45 Learning from small graphs Thashmee Karunaratne, SU
10:00 Data-Driven Prognostics of Lead-Acid Batteries using Random Survival Forests Erik Frisk,
Mattias Krysander, LiU
10:15 Self-organizing management of large-scale heterogeneous networks Olof Görnerup, SICS
10:30 Break
10:45 Presentation of discussion topics:
 T1 Data Driven Vehicle Health Management Jonas Biteus, Scania
 T2 Creating a National Data Science Doctoral Programme in Sweden: Some international examples Devdatt Dubhashi, CTH
 T3 Computational Life Sciences Jan Komorowski, UU
 T4 Finding common scientific grounds in applied research across multiple domains Jens Lundström, HH
 T5 Comprehensible models from high-dimensional or complex data Niklas Lavesson, BTH
 T6 Data series: summarization, indexing, and modeling Panagiotis Papapetrou, SU
 T7 Adaptive experiment design and robot scientists Christos Dimitrakakis, CTH
11:15 Group discussions I:
T1 (in room L70)
T2 (in room S1)
T3 (in room S2)
T4 (in room S3)
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Group discussions II:
T1, continued (in room L70)
T5 (in room S1)
T6 (in room S2)
T7 (in room S3)
15:00 Plenary presentation of discussion outcomes
16:00 Closing